Thursday, June 28, 2012

Treatment of Mange in Dogs

Mange is a skin disease in canines. Dogs will start to lose their hair in a pattern and start going bald. This can also affect the dog’s health and immediate steps should be taken because these are known to cause even death. Given below is some Mange treatment that you should know. These are very helpful and most of them are recommended by vets.

Take a clean spray bottle, add one third of original Listerine, one third baby oil and one third water. Pour all of this in in the spray bottle and mix them well. Shake it and then spray it on your dog. This is recommended by many vets because the herbal oil present in Listerine helps the dog fight fungus and bacteria and heals the skin. Along with that you would have to take care of your dog as well. For example you have to brush your dog’s hair almost four times a week. Give it a bath; almost three times a week this will make sure that your dog does not have any scabs or scaly skin. If your dog has mange then you should apply a few drops of olive oil over the skin, this will soothe the itching and irritation and the dog would stop licking it and increasing the infection plus it will also kill any mites that are residing in your dog’s fur.

Other than that you can also apply honey on the infected area of your dog’s skin and get amazing results.


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