Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Common Mistakes In Mange Treatment

Avoiding The Common Pitfalls In Mange Treatment

Demodectic mange came from mites, which the puppies inherited from their moms from the first days of their birth; hence this is common to all dogs. Many veterinarians are not alarmed in treating this since it is normally not contagious; however, if treatment is necessary, ensure that mistakes are avoided and prompt treatment is given to your dog. The best way to do that is to consult your vet for correct and accurate diagnosis. Here are some of the common mistakes that dog owners should avoid.

Delaying treatment. It is said, “prevention is better than cure,” so in this line, it is wise to start treating your dog immediately once diagnosis has been made. Be religious is following the treatment. Keep your dog safe - free from any wounds, scratches or bites. Another mistake is dirt build-up. Ensure that your dog is always clean. Give it regular baths; about 3 to 4 baths a month is good enough. Bathing will prevent the clogging of your dog’s pores.

The third mistake is by just giving basic diet to your dog. Do not settle for the minimum nourishment. Your dog needs extra vitamins and minerals to stay healthy and strong. These supplements will keep his immune system in top shape and ensure that his antibodies are strong enough to fight the mites and prevent infection.

Adhering to the treatment with utmost diligence is the best way to go. Avoid delaying treatment, dirt build-up and minimal nourishment –these will ensure the fast and speedy recovery of your dog. Give your dog all the attention that it needs. This treatment does not happen overnight and may take a few months; hence, your patience, love and care is very important in this whole process. Give your pet your best care now more than ever.


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