Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ear mites in Dogs

In many homes dogs are a part of a family. Ear mites in dogs are very small insects that can be found in dogs and cats. There are different types of mites and you should know about these mites if you have a dog in the house. These small insects (the ear mites) remain in the ears causing all kind of problems.

So, what are the symptoms of ear mites that should alarm you? The first symptom is that your dog constantly rubs your ear. The second symptom is that your dog head becomes shiver. Another ear mite symptom is that some waxy type of material start to come out of the ears. Hair loss is another - more severe symptom of ear mites in dogs. It is very important that you should discover this disease otherwise your dog will be seriously affected as long as the time passes and it may be possible that your dog will not hear again. These are the causes of ear mites in dogs and you should know these causes in order to avoid the ear mites in dogs.

There are three types of ear mites in dogs. First is Demodectic which is not highly infectious like the other types of mites. The other types of mites are Sarcoptic and Cheyletiella. You cannot identify which type of mites your dog has. Only a veterinarian can tell which type of mites your dog has.

Demodectic mange is mostly present in puppies because when the mother is suffering from this disease so the new born dog has also suffered from this disease. Loss of hairs first started from the eyes and then it cannot grow again. Sarcoptic mange is highly contagious. One good thing about Sarcoptic mange is that they are not deep as other mites are. Cheyletiella Mange is the least dangerous type of dog mites. This type of mites is present on the outer layer of dog’s skin so it is easily treated than the other types of mites. In this type of mites insects are easily killed and your dog will become healthy. The benefit of this type of disease is that your dog cannot rub frequently. This type of mites is also called the running dandruff.

There are several treatments of ear mites of dogs. Lots of people use herbal treatment. Herbs are safe and effective. You must move the head of your dog to the side and put the anti demodex ear drops into the ear of your dog. After that you should clean the ear canal with the cotton wool.

You can use the remedies in order to prevent your dog from this disease. You should make sure that your dog will eat a healthy diet. You should note your dog regularly so that they don’t have any skin problems.


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