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Behandlung Demodex Demodexöl

Mange is a skin disease that afflicts pets. It is caused by parasitic mites that can cause excessive itching, irritability, restlessness, loss of appetite, and weight loss. Pets suffering from this disease must be promptly treated to avoid further infection. The trick to managing this disease is to find the root cause of the problem and to deal with it immediately.

Generally speaking, there are two common kinds of mange – first is Sarcoptic mange or more commonly known as canine scabies, which targets the ears and head. This kind slowly proliferates to the tail and then works its way under the front legs. You will then notice that the skin of your dog has red spots or small burns. When you begin to notice that your pet have these symptoms, then check with your veterinarian to make sure allergies are ruled out first. The vet will usually prescribe a shampoo that you can use. He will also advise you to keep your pet clean at all costs.

The next kind of mange is the Demodetic mange. This type is usually found in most puppies. The mites usually target the hair follicles. Upon close inspection, you will notice that your dog has a lot of rash surrounding his body. Loss of hair is also very apparent. Note that if this mange is not immediately treated, the mites tend to grow at a rapid rate and will continue to reproduce. Untreated Demodetic mange can cause extreme pain to your pets. Later on, you will notice that your pet emits an intolerable odor which is a sign that infection has already begun.

Despair not when you notice the symptoms on your pets because mange can be treated in many different ways. You can choose the chemical treatment offered by most veterinarians or opt for natural remedies that are generally safe and usually works most of the time.

Chemical anti mange treatments usually include bathing your pets in anti fungal shampoos. Vets will usually advise that you add a solution of iodine to help relieve excessive itching. This method is also believed to help clear infections. If the case is severe, there are medications that will be prescribed. These medicines can be added to your pet’s meal. Constant checkups and treatments will help your pet recover in the end.

If you find that chemical treatments will leave a big hole in your pocket, then choose natural home remedies. This mode of treatment is usually more effective and can provide great results.

Check your environment first. Make sure that your surroundings, especially the area where your dog sleeps is clean. Sometimes mites can come from untidy surroundings. Make it a habit to regularly clean your place.

The diet of your pet also plays a key role. Consider the fact that your pets, whether they are dogs or cats are generally carnivorous, that being said, make sure that the food that you are giving them is meat. Fish can also be given. Leftovers are a no-no.

Adding supplements and vitamins to their diet will be helpful so that their immune system will be kept strong especially when they are afflicted with the disease. This way, they can battle out the disease and eventually recover from it.

Brush the fur of your dogs regularly to keep it healthy. One way of reducing the presence of mites and also one way of relieving constant scratching is to add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in their meals.

Since mange targets the ears of your dogs, make sure that you regularly clean this body part. It might be hard to do it on your own, but think of it as a way to help your pets battle this disease. You can use yogurt to clean your dog’s ears as this will help in reducing the presence of mites.

Since scratching is prevalent, help ease it by applying Vaseline lotion to the affected area. Massage it gently and regularly.

Mange is treatable. You have the option to choose chemical treatments or the natural remedies that are available. Just remember that opting for home or natural remedies is better in all aspects. You can save more money and best of all, you can hope for a faster recovery.


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