Monday, September 3, 2012

Dog has Demodex Mites in Ears

Ear mites are parasitic organisms that thrive in the ears of infected animals. They are usually found in domesticated animals like cats, dogs, cattle, and rabbits. The symptoms of mite infections are very noticeable. If your pet at home keeps on shaking its head or scratching its ears, it is an indication that it has ear mites. Dogs with longer ears are usually the main target of these parasites. Ear mites easily breed or multiply inside the slightly wet ears, where there is a very limited air passage. These parasites flourish in the ears of the animals and bring great discomfort to their lives.

Pets infected with ear mites repeatedly scratch their ears, which causes pain and bleeding. This may also result to the impairment of the sensitive blood vessels within the ears of the animals. By using microscope, you can observe how these parasites survive in the coffee-colored or black debris in the earwax of your pet. Infected animal ears release bad or offensive smell. Some severe cases resulted to the discharge of dark-colored substance in the ears, which can eventually lead to deafness. The demodex ear mites in dogs and cats are communicable, and can be easily transferred from infected animals to other health pets in the community. Animals suffering from ear mite infection should be isolated to other others while undergoing treatment.

With regards to treatment, there are a number of very easy and simple home remedies to treat ear mite infested ears of your pet. You can use soft cotton cloth or cotton buds to clean the ear canals of your pet. Dipped the cotton or cloth in a clean cooking oil or olive oil and apply it to the infected ear surface. This process can prevent the breeding of the eggs of the parasites. Then you can rub down your pet’s ears with Ivermectin, which is can be easily bought in any pet drugstore. This would stop the swelling of the ears and lessen the pain experienced by your pet. You can also apply olive oil or almond oil by dropping them to the animal ears through the use of a syringe. Through this treatment, the ear mites would be prevented from multiplying.

A combination of almond oil and Vitamin E is also a good option for pet owners. You can mix equal amount of almond oil and Vitamin E and poured them into the ears. The mixture will soften the solid debris in the ears of the animals. This method can produce good results in just few days of repeated application.

There are also numerous cleaners available for sale in the market that can be used to disinfect the pet of your ears. These include chlorhexidine, selamectin, and zymox. Each of these cleaners can be applied to the infected ears of your pet. These substances can kill the yeast or bacteria, and stop them from growing or multiplying. The demodex ear mites in dogs and cats are no longer big problem nowadays. You can use any of these home remedies to bring back the energy of your pets.


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