Sunday, September 23, 2012

Your Dog Has Ear Mites? What Can You Do to Help the Dog to Get rid of The Ear Mites.

For centuries, dog has been a great friend for human. Their loyalty is unquestionable, as well as their ability to bring happiness into human’s life. In fact, there are so many people in this world who love their dogs, as well as the other pets, like their own human friends. Giving them the best and treating them like a human are what they always do, especially when they found them are in pain, like infected by demodex which is the first type of mites.

Demodex is a type of mites which can be found within animal’s skin layers and their hair follicles. While the epidermis is their place in laying eggs, these mites survive by taking nutrition from dead hair of the animals, as well as their skin cells which result in animals losing their important nutrition. Demodex is not a type of mites which hit the animals at the first time of infection because only if the immune system is so weak and penetrated. If you could find these patterns at your dogs, you may need to take your dog to the veterinarian: hair losing, red and crusty patches on skin.

Taking your dogs to the veterinarian is the best solution for this problem, but be sure not to give them bathe or any cleaning activity on them before the veterinarian examine your dogs. To get the best result, please make sure that your veterinarian diagnose your dogs in microscopic scale especially in scraping the skin and ears of your dogs. This action is essentially needed to determine what kind of mites which infecting your dogs as well as the most appropriate treatment needed to remove all the mites. Another microscopical action needed is bathing the dogs. It is not like other common bathing, but in parasitic dip. This will help to get all the mites in all spots where we can’t see them with our naked eye.

After all examinations taken, ask your veterinarian about the results and discuss the next treatment you should give to your dogs. Usually, you will be asked to give more nutritional food to your dogs in order to improve their immunity system so the mites won’t be able to penetrate them again. However, you also need to have a clean environment near your house, like the yard, where your dogs usually play. Spraying insecticide near it will greatfully help your dogs free from another infection from demodex and other mites.


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