Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dog Demodex Eye Ear Infection

Demodex a.k.a. Demodectic Mange is a wide spread skin disease that is caused by a parasite. The most delicate skin areas in a dog are the ears and eyes and an outspread of the condition in these areas may be very dangerous for the animal’s health. Here we will try to explain in the best, most comprehensive way how this disease reaches dogs ears and eyes, how difficult is its diagnosis, how can we effectively treat it both using standard medical procedures and natural traditional treatments and what is considered the most effective and side-effect free of these two ways of treatments. Let’s see one by one the most important aspects of this condition.

The condition is spread mainly by skin contact. The most common manifestation of the condition unfortunately is observed in puppies for, like all newborns, they have an underdeveloped immune system. They mainly get the infection from their parents, especially from their mother, due to the continue contact they have during the nursing period.

The veterinarians are those that must diagnose this condition in all dogs. There are standard diagnostic methods, specified for dogs, that give fast and reliable results of whither they have demodex or not. As this condition has to do with the immune system as well this disease may coexist with other conditions that also need to be treated. The diagnosis of the condition itself it is not painful for the dogs for it can be done with a simple skin scraping or a skin biopsy. Due to the fact that the parasite finds refuge under the skin, no invasive procedure is necessary.

The medical treatment of our little friends usually is done through special creams as well as shampoos. The eye era of course is very sensitive, especially in puppies for their eyes are still developing and all kind of intervention may be devastating. The ears are also sensitive for one should pay attention to the inner ear as well as the outer part of the ear. One should take care not to put any liquid in the ear for it may create hearing problems.

The natural treatment of such problems however, mainly due to the inability of the pets to communicate on the one hand and the strong connection of the condition with the immune system. That means that the diet of the dog must also change to a specific pattern that will strengthen the ability of the immune system to fight back and isolate the parasite.

• There are a number of home made remedies that one can find as well as a number of products based on traditional remedies that may have the same, if not better effect on the dog’s healing. A number of dogs are very sensitive to chemical products and different races of dogs have different reaction to these products. Traditionally based products, home remedies or not, on the other hand are friendlier to the dog’s sensitive areas of eyes and ears. It is more than certain that the dogs will be more susceptive to them and react better to the treatment.

• One should be patient for the treatment in these specific areas can not be aggressive as in other body parts of the dog due to their sensitivity. Especially if you are using natural products it is important to keep the treatment going even if the results are not visible right away. Don’t forget that the goal of the treatment it is not only to exterminate the parasite but also the parasite’s eggs that can be as if not more dangerous for your pet friend.

The health of your pet dog is in your hands. The better course of action is once you see that there may be a problem, especially in the areas of eyes and ears, contact your veterinarian. It is better to use a product that does not contain chemical compounds due to the sensitivity of these areas. Ask for a natural product even though we are confident most veterinarians will recommend you exactly that. Demodex in dogs is a treatable condition. All you need is the right products and some amounts of patience.


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