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Dog Demodicosis Symptoms, Treatments, Prevention

Demodex mange mites are living mini parasites that live on dog skin, ear canals and around the dogs eyes. Healthy dogs don't feel the presence of mites. Strong immune system keeps the parasites under control. In some cases however, the mites may increase in numbers, start causing itchiness which can lead to a skin infection and developement of demodicosis. The skin desease that needs medical attention and treatment.

According to the dog’s world, Demodex mites attack mostly younger dogs under two years of age. Most of the younger dogs are still in the adjustment stage in their diet. So, when the immune system of the young dogs develops, the mites can not cause any skin problems.

However, there are instances that the adult dogs are infested by these tiny parasites when the immune system of the dog will be weakened. Some dogs could have severe diseases or illness so that their immune system is so weak.

Symptoms of Dog Demodicosis:

In the first days of infestation by Demodex mange, the symptoms are rarely seen and noticed. When these parasites takes over, you should watch for following signs:

• hair fall from the skin of the dog
• spots or patches on the skin
• severe itchiness
• redness of the skin
• skin rashes
• different or foul odor of the skin
• skin lesions are seen in severe cases
• the dog will be irritable
• baldness of the skin

Common cause of Demodicosis due to Demodex Mange mites:

• Some dogs, there could be hereditary characteristics
• Caused by a parasitic infestation
Treatment of Dogs with Demodicosis:

• Medicated shampoos that are applied to the body and into the hair follicles of the dog and will be flush out after bathing.
• In cases of skin lesions and rashes may appear, the veterinary will inject antibiotics or antibacterial medications to prevent from spreading of the bacteria.
• In severe cases, there will be anti-parasitic medication to eradicate the Demodex mites.
• Benzoyl peroxide shampoo is given to flush out the Demodex mites in the hair follicles of the dog.
• Some simple cases they will apply salve as oral medication.
• There are certain drugs that are given depending on severity and approved by FDA that cannot damage the skin of your dog.
• Some veterinary will allow you to apply medicated powder into the hair follicles of the dog but not advisable in puppies.
There are some home remedies to help your Dog to get rid of the mites:

• Proper dog nutrition and balanced food intake to make the dog strong immune system and are capable to fight the mites.
• Proper hygiene for your dog and occasionally change the sleeping linens and constant cleaning of the dog house.
• Never let infected dogs with Demodex mites to go along with other clean dogs.
• Breeding of dogs with Demodex mites are not advisable for some claimed of hereditary components.
• Some are using Borax added to the water for drinking. This drink is rich in calcium that will help the dog fight hair fall and hair loss, as well.
• Application of lavender oil prevents skin drying and skin irritations.
• Feed the dog with hypoallergenic foods to prevent itchiness of the skin.
• Regular visits to your veterinarian for proper caring techniques of your dogs.
• Application of apple cider vinegar into the hair follicles of the dog’s skin.

Is Dog Demodicosis contagious to humans?

Demodicosis are certainly not contagious to human because this kind of infection is commonly found in dogs and animals. No need to worry about the dog infection, they can be treated easily especially in the early stage or upon the onset of the infection.

Some points to remember in proper caring for your dog:
• Keep your dog from any dusty place to prevent irritations.
• Keep his body clean and dry.
• Always clean the dog house as often to prevent bacteria from living in the place.
• A dog has its own eating utensils that are clean and dry.
• A dog house must be well ventilated to prevent moist in the place to make the dog comfortable.
• If possible, it is best to apply natural remedies to your dog when Demodex mites attack the dog’s skin in an early stage to prevent severe irritations. And most chemical treatment will cause some allergies and irritation to your dog.


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