Saturday, July 14, 2012

How to Manage Dog Ear Mite Infestation

Ear mites are a class of skin diseases caused by a parasitic mite that infects several areas of the body of a dog. Aside from minor manifestations, the dog may also experience hypersensitivity to the mites that can injure the dog’s ears.


Too much irritation and scuffing of certain areas like the ears, head as well as the neck is the primary manifestation of ear mites which lead to lesions. Your pet may also aggressively and often wobble their head, which may lead to bleeding in the ears. As a result, crusting may occur in the internal and external areas of the ear characterized by a reddish-brown or black coffee ground-like color. If your dog is hypersensitive to ear parasites, more irritation will occur. If you are suspecting that your pet has an ear mite infestation, observe the following manifestations: scuffing, placing paws on the ears, irritation and reddening as well as solid, blackish earwax.


The animal doctor will ask you about a thorough history of your present illness and manifestations. Physical assessment will be done together with lab exams like checking the urine and CBC to check for presence of other conditions. The skin will also be examined and samples from the ear and skin will be obtained, studied and interpreted. The doctor may check the internal portion of your pet’s ear canals as well.

Meticulous cleaning of the ears of your pet using a cleaning solution formulated for dogs is very much advised, and prescribed chemical solution to kill the parasites or mites will be applied next to get rid of mites and their eggs. There are also available topical flea solutions that should also be applied to the body of your pet. If you own more pets, all of them should receive the same intervention. Your home must be scrupulously cleaned using a vacuum cleaner to eliminate the mites in the home surroundings.

The perfect treatment for ear mites is by putting topical cream to the infected portion of the ear of your pet. There are several topical solutions to select from. You can ask advice from specialists of animal health regarding the choice of topical solution. There is a known effective topical cream, Selamectin, which is guaranteed to positively respond to ear parasites. Aside from Selamectin, you can also try Milbemite and Acarexx. It is also important to assure pet safety by not administering supplement filaments that are Iron-rich.

Natural Remedy

Apart from the given solutions, oils can also be applied as a remedy for ear parasites in your dog. There is a wide selection of natural oils. The advantage of these oils is they will not lead to adverse reactions to the dog. You can try oil in capsule from which has Vitamin E. This is a total remedy to the parasitic ear infection of your pet. If the parasites are away from the central portion of the ear, ear swabs can be used to get to those areas.

Then again, nothing is better than thorough cleaning of the ears. The usual reason for the existence of ear mites is because of inappropriate cleaning of the ears. When you bathe your dog, assure that you include the distal area of the dog’s ear. This is not only a probable management for the parasites but will also be prevention, so that this infection will be totally eradicated.

If your dog has ear mite infestation, there are many applicable solutions to the problem that you can employ. With these options, the dilemma will be taken cared of. Appropriate cleaning is necessary to avoid possible conditions like such. This tiny but annoying pest can lead to severe irritation in your pet. Seek medical advice from the animal doctor if your pet manifests signs and symptoms of ear mite infection. Although ear mites cannot be prevented, they can be simply managed.


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