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Feline Mange in Cats: symptoms, causes, treatments

Feline mange is a kind of skin disease in cats caused by parasites or mites. Although there are normal mange that resides in the animal’s skin and hair, most mites can cause mild to severe skin irritations or scabies. Cats that are physically unfit, malnourished or experiencing diseases are prone to develop feline mange.


There are kinds of mange in cats caused by several types of parasites. Some of these mites are the following:
· Feline Sarcoptic Mange (Sarcoptes scabei) - this parasite is uncommon to cats. This mite is minute, oval shaped, light-colored mite that can cause scabies.
· Notedric Mange (Notredes cats) - This mite can cause severe scabies to cats affecting the face and spreading on to the ears and on to the entire body. This type of mange is highly contagious and is similar to the sarcoptic mange of dogs.


The following are the signs and symptoms of feline mange:
· The cats seems restless and uneasy
· Itchiness
· The cat frequently scratches its ears, body and face

When a person is exposed to feline mange, the individual can experience:
· Itchiness
· Redness to affected area
· Bumps (similar to mosquito bite)

Feline mange in humans does not persist in long-term for the mites are self-limiting, meaning they will die on their own for they are not capable of surviving in humans as their host.


For an accurate diagnosis of feline mange, it is recommended to bring your cat to a veterinarian. The vet may perform clinical and diagnostic procedure such as skin scraping and microscopic test to determine the level of severity of the feline mange.


After the proper diagnosis of feline mange, the following treatments can be done to eradicate the skin disease:
· Isolating the infected feline to prevent contaminating other animals
· Upon the determination of the type of parasite, medications can be applied to kill the mites. Injections, topical, dips and shampoos are available forms of medications against mites.
· Antibiotics and anti-inflammatory are prescribed to treat the skin irritations

Some drugs used in treating canine mange are not advisable to be used on cats so better ask for professional advice before using any of these treatments Some anti feline mange products are chemical based, such products should be used temporarily to stop the skin infections caused by the mites. Use of natural otc products is more favorable due to less or no side effects.


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